Comfortable and adaptable to modern, operational and executive areas. Entirely made with a tubular bearing steel electro-welded frame in chromed finish. The complete range is available in two different backrest heights in breathable and self-supporting mesh. The armrests are made in die-cast aluminium with a polished and chromed finish which ensures and maintains its finish unaltered over the time.

Finishings with relevant codes:

CH30 – High Backrest in mesh

CH33 – Low Backrest in mesh

CH34 – Visitor chair with low mesh backrest

CH35 – Visitor Armrests with low mesh backrest

CH40 – High Backrest with cushions

CH43 – Low Backrest with cushions

CH44 – Low Backrest with visitor cushions

CH45 – Low Backrest with visitor cushions armrests

CH50 – Quilted High Backrest

CH53 – Quilted Low Backrest

CH54 – Visitor Quilted Low Backrest

CH55 – Quilted Low Backrest visitor armrests